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Order Entry

iPad version

Waterfall OEM supports the fashion world by optimizing and simplifying the process of obtaining and managing customer orders, with a click of the fingers.


Speed of access and an intuitive interface to simultaneously manage orders, budget and operations in real time; detailed and timely product information; instantaneous traceability of order, shipping and invoice progress; software updates and data reported at switch on, in real time; customer dashboard with statistics and notifications.

Because here, you want to get a move on.


An extremely high level of usability and optimized immediacy of execution for manual touch; footer with multiple icons; integration with the most common ERP systems; easy selection of items, quantities and sizes desired; different price lists according to different commercial management; customer data sheets with their histories, data and appointment calendars.
Smart versatility and contemporary convenience.

High definition

High definition photographic images to appreciate every single aesthetic detail; customizable catalogue banners; presentation of collections and creation of accurate wishlists.
Enhance every detail, excite like the real thing.

Look selection

Selection of the desired look straight from the catwalk photos. All the outfit’s elements are seen on the same screen, for a defined and coordinated style at a glance.
Always providing the right combinations at the right time.

Offline mode

Ability to use the offline mode without needing continuous or super-fast active connections, so that you can be fully operative while others are off the ball.

Multi* feature

The multi* feature combines different languages, currencies and companies, to communicate universally whenever, wherever and with whoever you want.
Together we are stronger.